5 Effects of Radiation on the Human Body

For more than 100 years, scientists have spent several hours studying radiation effects. This means, nearly everyone knows how radiation associates with living tissues. We are also aware that it affects the human body. Since people can measure radiation and know its health effects, it is easy to work carefully around it.
First, young adults and kids are very sensitive to radiation. Exposure to radiation is among the well-understood health perils. The more exposure, the more poisonous it becomes on you. For instance, high radiation doses are likely to cause cancer, result in death, and harm the fetus.
Factors affecting radiation dosage
When you are exposed to radiation for an extended period it is less harmful as compared to receiving a big amount of radiation dosage at once.
Where the dosage is received. Radiation on a section of your body part is not as harmful as when it is to the entire body
Body sensitivity is also another factor. For example, young kids have a high risk since they have more rapidly dividing cells and growing tissues. Another reason is that the kids have an extensive lifespan before them and this gives cancers enough time to grow.
Effects of radiation on the human body
Breaks bonds in DNA
The same way it is with toxins, the DNA is the main aim. Radiation can mix with DNA quickly and trigger damage by breaking the bonds in DNA. It may as well interact indirectly to break the water molecules that surround the DNA. Once the water molecules are split, they generate free radicals which are unstable molecules that may trigger damage to the organs and cells.
Causes radiation syndrome
High radiation doses may trigger Acute Radiation Syndrome which is often accompanied by skin damage. Acute Radiation Syndrome can sometimes take place without symptoms. However, you may experience late symptoms such as dermal necrosis and persistent ulcer recurrence.
Causes cancer
Cancer is among the leading causes of death in the world. Among the leading causes of cancer is radiation. According to Dr. Bauer, high ionizing radiation doses may trigger blood illnesses, cancer, neurological issues, and damage to organs.
Causes fetus deaths
Radiation exposure to pregnant women is not healthy. It might cause wellness effects on the fetus. Although the effects to the fetus rely on the dose, pregnant moms need to be careful. However, radiation effects to the fetus may be lower as compared to the mom. This is because of the protection that uterus offers. Some of the effects to the fetus include malformation, growth restriction, cancer, and impaired brain.
Radiation is considered lethal but it is used to treat cancer. When used for treatment as radiation therapy, it causes fatigue. The fatigue from radiation treatment varies daily. It causes you not to handle your daily chores as you used to – read article on can radiation cause brain damage.
It is also good to note that your exposure to radiation depends on several factors. Some of them include where you live and how you travel. For instance, traveling in an airplane increases your exposure to radiation.

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